Please Update the "See other users" and "See other users' statistics" permissions.

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Hello Pipedrive

To put things simply, we don't want our sales agents seeing other sales agent's items like activities, deals, contacts... But we do want an aggregate dashboard to be shown internally as a type of leaderboard for who is winning the most deals.

The 2 permissions involved here are:
#1 = See other users
#2 = See other users' statistics

I will mention them below as #1 and #2 to make things easier.

I also want to mention: 
- everything is set to "Owner Only" in Visibility Groups settings.
- before anyone mentions the public link version, we can't use it due to security. This would only work if we could rename fields on the dashboard to firstName only. I also know we could ask every user to rename themselves to just their firstName but this is not scaleable, we have many users.

In order to keep everyone private, naturally, we have the #1 permission OFF and #2 ON in hopes to "See other users' statistics", but not allow users to "See other users" items specifically activities. When we tried this, #1 being OFF seems to override the #2 permission even if it's ON... rendering #2 useless in this use case.

So the only way to use the insights feature with aggregate team data is to leave #1 ON so that #2 also functions.

Here is an example of different scenarios:
A. If #1 is OFF, #2 ON = Can't see user's items, Can't see team statistics (#1 overrides #2)
B. If #1 is ON, #2 ON = Can see user's items, Can see team statistics (Works, but lets users see other's activities)
C. If #1 is ON, #2 OFF = Can see user's items, Can't see team statistics (this way seems to function independently)

Please fix scenario A where permission #2 "See other users' statistics" should be independent of #1 "See other users". This way we can keep activities private to owners only, but also use an internal aggregate dashboard.

Please let me know if I am missing anything.

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