Weighted revenue allocation

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Hi gang, Pipedrive spreads the cost of a deal evenly across a period, which is great for new business. But account managers selling to existing clients on a weekly basis have a smaller window to plan for and also a better idea of what's happening when, which means their revenue predictions for T&M models can be far more granular.

How far off are is Pipedrive from being able to weight deals in Pipedrive across certain periods (ie, weeks, months, quarters, etc) to better forecast when revenue could be realised?

I.e. a 100k deal over three months would by default be set to 33k per month. But we might know that first and last months are only 10k and middle month is 80k (where the bulk of the work would get done at T&M). Is there any way to weight a deal to reflect this to help us better forecast? It would also allow us to link up to resource management software.

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