Suggestion: Korean localization based on Subject-Object-Verb structure

Ted Youn
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Although Pipedrive supports Korean language, many potential users are complaining about many missing details. One of them is about the filter definition that only supports the Subject-Verb-Object structure.

In English version, defining a filter is intuitive because the UI supports the Subject-Verb-Object structure such as 'Deal status is open'.


In Korean version, however, defining a filter is counterintuitive because the UI requires the condition statement to be in the form of Subject-Verb-Object, although Korean languge has the form of Subject-Object-Verb.


I understand that this problem can be fixed only after Pipedrive conducts thorough investigation to support the Subject-Object-Verb type languges such as Korean and Japanese. But I'm forwarding many requests from potential Korean customers.

Hope this helps.

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    Thank you, @Ted Youn! I will forward this to our team to investigate further!