How to link your custom contact form without Zapier.

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Looking for Integration of your forms (CF7, Planso, WPforms,...) on wordpress with Pipedrive? 

Advanced Form Integration plugin on wordpress allows you to integrate your usual contact forms with Pipedrive CRM. When a user fills a form on your website, the plugin will send the data to your Pipedrive account and create Contact, Organization, Deal, Note, and Activity. You can also add custom fields like URL of page visited when completing the form. Supported Features Create Contact, Organization, Deal, Note and … You keep trace in google analytics by using Contact form native to wordpress.  It works via Pipedrive API and UX interface on wordpress.

You will be able to do powerfull reporting in Pipedrive on you most profitable landing page,...

I use it and it is amazing tool with high support. 

Yes, there is still a lack of a tool at a reasonable price for the reverse path in order to transmit to Google Analytics, the information of the lead processing (Won, amounts,...) in order to have the complete view in a single table. Even today with Zapier it is not possible to transfert Pipedrive relevant deals info to analytics...

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Afordable price + Easy to implement :

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    There are many other affordable plugins and tools for connecting various web forms with Pipedrive to sync contact data and custom fields as well: e.g. itgalaxycompany's plugins or CRM Perks plugins.

    And then there's Outfunnel's App connector, which comes with web visitor tracking, so you can track your leads' web visits (and these get recorded in pipedrive) in addition to syncing contact data from the web forms fills. See for example: Pipedrive-Contact Form 7 and Pipedrive-Elementor forms integration. More & upcoming Pipedrive-form connections by Outfunnel visible here.

    The web tracking feature is a little more useful in B2B sales-marketing use cases than Google Analytics — although we use both. A Google Analytics Agency configured Zapier for us to send all relevant info to Google Analytics from Pipedrive. This works well for tracking marketing channels efficacy. But web visitor tracking (like Outfunnel's) gives more input to sales: what pages are the leads visiting, what are they interested in, etc, helping to have productive sales conversations. Read more about how website visitor tracking can help sales and marketing.