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It would be great if you could allow insight reports to include fields from the person as we use the person field to enter details of appointments booked for our reps to visit clients, and when they sign up then the details of that sale are entered into the deal field. so that works for the sales reps. But would love to have the ability to set up a dashboard for appointments booked from the person field to have easy visibility of our appointment setters performance

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    Hi @Rob Farrelly  I understand your process and reasoning for using Person fields for appointments. Have you considered using Leads or Deals to put the appointment data in? This would help achieve being able to report, however please consider the Pipedrive plan you are on as you can only report on custom fields on Pro. 

    If you choose not to use custom fields/upgrade then you could look to add a stage in your Pipeline called "Appointment booked" this could help the sales team ensure they have made the appointment and you can report on how many deals entered this stage.

    I hope this helps.