Workflow Automation: Teams notification when a note is created

Steve Dube
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We have been using Pipedrive integrated with Slack for more than a year. We are migrating to Teams and replaced most of the existing Slack notifications. There is a remaining gap that we cannot configure. The requirement is :

Every time a note is created, send a message to Microsoft Teams channel

We like the Workflow Automation templates, and we used these to create our own slightly modified 'custom' workflows. There are no templates for notes. Please continue to create additional templates to showcase the functionality.   


  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Steve Dube  Have you explored using Zapier to help achieve this automation? 

  • Karine Labrecque
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    Hi Steve,

    on our side, we used the Activity note to populate our team channel....but it would be very nice to have a possibility to go through Notes as well!

    I vote for it! :-)

  • Alex at Boost
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    Can you figure out how to do this with slack? It seemed like that was something you had and I can't even get that sorted. Specifically, I want a slack notification when a note is added to a project...