BUG : Duplicate not found - Database error - Looking for help !


I've got a problem, does anyone have the same ?

I managed an import with 100+ organisations in Pipedrive via a csv file.

Now i realize a lot are already in the database but not found as duplicate by Pipedrive.

The only solution i found to identify the duplicates is to manually look into the contact database and fusion the organisations one by one...

Any solution ?

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    Our support team can change the duplicate detection rules if the current ones are not helping you identify organizations.

    Here are the ways you can get in touch with our support team.

  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Antoine Paemelaere  when you completed the import did you find any merge pop-ups? 

    Pipedrive uses the organisation name and address to identify any duplicates/merges. In a lot of cases we find that the organisation name has many variations based on location (e.g. Coca Cola UK, Coca-Cola USA, etc) it would then create Coca-Cola twice because the names do not match, and in this case, the address wouldn't either. 

    So it's always a good idea to do a data cleanse prior to the import to identify possible duplicates, reviewing the organisation name & address, and ensuring that those are a match. 

    I hope this helps.   

  • Antoine Paemelaere
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    No, no merge pop up.

    Ok, the names are exactly the same in most cases.

    Sometimes the adresses dont match, but even if they do the merge does not occur.

    I imported the data with a PROSPECT column, so it created directly prospects, can it be the pbe ?