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Example 1: we have deals in a stage of a pipeline. The deals are with organizations. Each organization has one or more people associated with it. We can not filter and get the list of all people from that organizations which are in certain stage of a given pipeline. We need that list to send bulk emails to them. Pipedrive does not support that! (or that is a bug)

Example 2: we have organizations. We have added custom field for the organization. We need to get the list of all people associated with organizations having specific custom field value. We use filters and get irrelevant results. Pipedrive does not support that! (or that is a bug)

Example 3: we want to put more than one label to an organization. Pipedrive does not support that! 

We can continue with such examples. Now, existing customers, how do you use Pipedrive, with the lack of mentioned basic, fundamental features of a CRM system? Please share if you have workarounds. Otherwise we start thinking of us as an organization coming from Mars.

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    We have noticed that you received help from our support team about this matter and we are happy to know the clarification helped. 

    Please feel free to reach out again over chat or email and we will be glad to help with any further questions you have about Filtering or something more. 


    Have a lovely day!