Notes and List-View Columns in Deals

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edited July 2022 in Sales CRM #1

When viewing Deals in list view...


..., there is a gear on the right side of the screen that allows me to select what columns I can display and sort for each deal (Activities to do, Contact person, Creator, Deal Closed on... etc). 

There is no way to view/sort the number of notes on any given deal, but it would be nice if there were. 

WIthin a Deal there is already a display of how many notes have been entered on it:


Being able to add this value allows us to easily include this as a measurable activity. Our team members are a hard working bunch with little time, meaning our interaction with Pipedrive is light . We do not touch the internal email client and are not using any activities features. We do track deals along pipelines, do save client contact information, do have emails syncing to them, and from time to time we leave updates as notes on deals. 

As we export reports from list view, having the ability to see at a glance the number of notes on a deal offers another measurable activity for us. You can only manage what you measure.