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Inês Batata
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Hello hello hello to... @Deborah Reuben @Karin Junge @Gari Le Piquet @Felicity Nolen @Morgan Phelps @josh lustyan @Pedro Pereira @Kevin Loeffler @Scott Kelley @Josh & Alyse Szwarga @Vincent van Deudekom @Laura Pasini @Michaela Frank @Stewart Robinson @Raul Rizo-Patron @Tomoaki Sawaguchi @Paul Minors and @Stefano 

👉 Introduce yourself and share your questions, tips, and feedback about Campaigns in the comments. @-mention our Product Manager @Janis Rozenblats and he'll reply 😎

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  • Laura Pasini
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    Hello Ines! And nice meeting you all. I'm Laura Pasini managing consultant at Initiativa Planview Partner in Chile and south cone. We (and especially I) are very happy with Pipedrive campaigns. 

    We use Pipedrive for 3 years and in my case, this new feature is helping me engage with my current customers. Sending Newsletters, events, and new features about our platform. Using it already!





  • Paul Minors
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    Hi everyone, my name is Paul. I'm a Premier Partner from New Zealand! 🇳🇿