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Product team!

The pipedrive bills in dollars here in Brazil, which makes your tool very expensive for the reality of many companies, 90% of companies in Brazil are micro and small companies, and they are the ones that employ the most, and the ones that most need management processes to grow and be more competitive. 

However a wonderful tool with CRM Pipedrive is not affordable for most companies. Two suggestions for you to help us Brazilians to be better commercial managers with your tool:

1. Ticket in Reais. If you do, you "burst" from selling. They will can in your pocket RD Station, and dozens of other market tools, which will migrate everything for you.

2. Allow licenses to be contracted with different plans. for example, the sellers do not need the configuration resources, the elaboration of templates, automations, reports, kpi's, etc... They need to manage leads, open opportunities, close deals. Sales management needs to plan, create workflows, create reports, indicators, manage goals, implement measures that increase the productivity of the sales team. streamline their process for them to sell more and better.
So, to be viable, if we could hire licenses in different plans, especially in Brazil Dollar (dollar x 5.5), it would help a lot! Don't want to test with us?! we can be your guinea pigs with the greatest pleasure. We're a PipeDrive fan :)

Sorry for the english, because i'm using google translate and i certainly wrote a lot of wrong things there in the text...


That´s all Folks! 




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