Custom field Tags - add in dialog?

Scott Kay
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I use Pipedrive for customer management as well as sales.

I used to have multiple fields, but now find a Custom Field called Tags useful.

My question: Can I allow people to add additional tags (doesn't seem like you can).

I know you can do this with Loss Reason - is there any other workarounds/way I could do this with tags (that has multiple options?)


  • Amit Sarda (
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    Create a custom field that can take multiple choices, instead of a single choice.

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Scott Kay you can indeed set up a multiple option field, but then an Admin user still has to set up the options in advance. The only way to have users free form enter options is to have a user "text" or "autocomplete" type of custom field.

    You can then still use filters to filter out data that "contains" a specific keyword you're looking for. But since it's freeform there's also more chances for your team to cause data inconsistency if they use a different naming convention.

  • Scott Kay
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    Hi Mike

    Thanks very much.
    I'm the main user for pipedrive (i.e. my staff are outsourced so don't have the direct contact with the client)

    So for my usage, I think I'll have a Tags (multiple option) - which has all my preset tags. 
    THen Also a Tags Text field where I can enter keywords - for filtering.

    I also have a key info field as well - where I put any key info that you'd usually have as a pinned note.

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