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Michael_51021 Member Posts: 1

My team uses for project management. I'd like to sync a Pipedrive pipeline into Monday using the Pipedrive Integration but it doesn't appear that I can sync a pipeline "stage" to a "status" column in Monday. 

Anyone else encounter this or something similar? Thoughts on a solution?

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  • Michael McMillan_39086
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    It can be done but a little tricky. One of my devs finally figured it out let me ask her how we did it. 

  • Sivasankari Vinayagam
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    If in case it is not yet resolved, happy to help you with a small bespoke script.

    Pl contact


    Shan, UK (we automate business)

  • Michaela Staffova_21158
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    Hey Michael, Michaela from Integromat here :) 

    If the native  <> Pipedrive integration does not allow you to do this, you can totally check out Integromat.  It's a no-code platform that lets you connect Pipedrive to hundreds of apps and services and automate all kinds of tasks and processes. To see what the possibilities are, you can check out the available features (i.e. triggers, actions and pre-made templates) of Integromat's Pipedrive and integrations. 

    If you have any questions, fire away, I'll be happy to assist :)