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We recently migrated over to PD from Insightly. We had to do  the org migration twice due to issues with the various Insightly tags we established. This has created duplicate Orgs with and without addresses. PD looks for both when searching for duplicates and thus doesn't recognize that there are duplicate orgs. Its very time consuming to use the merge feature one set of dup orgs at a time. It there a workaround to do this automatically?


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    Hello Bryan, 

    We can definitely help taking care of these duplicates in a more timely manner. 

    Please reach out to our support over chat or email to support@pipedrive.com and we will be glad to assist. 


    Thank you. 

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    Not a solution to your issue (apologies) ... but may help down the line or help others  ... I decided to create a "primary domain" field for my organisations which has greatly sped up various automations I have that look for a matching organisation.

    E.g. if I get a new lead from say someone.new@bbc.co.uk my automations will check if I have an organisation with the primary domain bbc.co.uk and if so will link the lead/person to that organisation (and if not it'll create a new organisation and link them to that).

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    Bryan, we could write a small script using this https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1/Organizations#mergeOrganizations and get this automated for you. 

    Please reach out to



    Shan Prem

    Paalam Consultancy


    (Note: Paalam is a nice business process automation consultancy helping SMEs save many manual hours. visit http://paalam.co.uk for more info)

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