Exporting Org, Contact and Deal data into Excel

Keith Gereghty
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I know we can export Deal data into Excel, but I am looking to export the Organization name, Contact for the Deal and the Deal data into 1 consolidated Excel spreadsheet. Getting Notes into the spreadsheet would be a plus. 

Is there anyway to do this currently?


  • Amit Sarda (AmitSarda.xyz)
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    You can set up a deal list view where you pull all these details in the view. You can't export linked Notes though.

  • Sivasankari Vinayagam
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    Hi Keith, Happy to create a bespoke script and you could download all the data (including NOTES) into a google sheet. All you would need is to click a button. Please reach out if interested

    Pl contact [email protected]


    Shan, UK

    paalam.co.uk (we automate business)

  • Anna_Gogol
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    If you are looking for a completely automated way to export Pipedrive data to Excel workbook, I would recommend using Coupler.io. It is a no-code data integration tool, which enables its users to extract the data from Pipedrive to such destinations: GoogleSheetsExcel or BigQuery on a desired schedule.

    With Coupler.io you can extract next Pipedrive data:

    • Persons and Organizations data;
    • Deals and Leads data;
    • Products;
    • Activities;
    • Call logs;
    • Files;

    Please follow Pipedrive to Excel integration link to get more details on how to export the data from Pipedrive.

    You can always sign up for a free 14 days test-drive to understand how the system works and if it fits your needs.

    Also I’d like to add that I work as a Client Manager with Coupler.io and will be happy to share more details about tool’s capabilities. Please feel free to reply this comment back or DM me if you need any assistance. :)