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Russ Johns
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I wanted to check in and see if I can inspire the ability to add Dubb videos to the campaign templates, 
The creation of the template the video can be dropped in without any issues, however, once the template is saved the video is blank, 

I would love to have the ability to add a video feature just like the email template when I can select the Dubb icon and select the video I want to add to the campaign template. 

Dubb was the primary reason I moved to Pipedrive and I am working really hard to develop a workflow that provides the impact of using video. 


Please let me know when the potential is even if it's only HTML code to be dropped into the template. 

Thanks for all the hard work and I look forward to a lot of positive results for the campaign. 

That's the ask for day 01 exposure. 



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  • Janis Rozenblats
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    Hi, @Russ Johns thanks for your question. 
    We are looking to incorporate a direct video embedding option from YouTube and Vimeo services as they provide standard formats needed for email.

    Have you tried to use HTML block in the editor and use Dubb's embedding feature?  I've not tried it but came across this article that could help.

    Anyway, your feedback has been noted. Keep it coming ;)