Create workflow automations with "Notes"?

Christian Carstens
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Currently, it´s not possible to create workflow automation where "notes" is the trigger.  Have any of you found a way to work around this issue?


  • Daniel Bachmann_45847
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    Hey Christian,
    not in Pipedrive directly. However, the automation tool Zapier has a trigger for when a note is created. Maybe it's worth looking into Zapier. 

  • Boris Tsibelman
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    You can achieve this with Zapier [creating a note through a Zap]

  • Sivasankari Vinayagam
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    Hi Christian, 

    Instead of Zapier, a simple script could be created using for notes, and create the actions via PD's APIs. Happy to help you on that

    Please contact [email protected] to discuss more on that



    Paalam, UK


  • Karine Labrecque
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    We are using Activity Note as trigger to flow through our Team channel.....

  • Hi Pipedrive, is there any plan to add a trigger for a new note to workflows? I don't want to pay for Zapier.

    I'd love to notify my team in a Slack channel if any note contains some important information for them to keep them engaged.


  • Jim Wilson
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    Zaps also dont let you take advantage of the nice 'Attribute Has Changed To' for filtering and you cant use the all important 'Attribute' vs 'Attribute Was', once this hole is patched up ill be a happy man!