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Christian Fulton
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I'd like to request for the Pipedrive Chatbot flow-chart to have the ability to link back to previous questions. This is a rather common and central feature for most chatbot software. 

Currently once a conversation completes you can only leave a sign off message. If the user has any further questions they need to restart the chatbot and go through the introduction and all entire sequence of questions to get back to any specific point. This is very frustrating and time consuming for potential customers. 

For example, If a customer was to have two questions about a specific product in a product range they would have to answer questions to select the product in mind, ask their first question and once the chatbot provides them with the answer, reset the chatbot and repeat the entire process again just to ask a second question. 

The only current solution is to manually build out a flow chart for every different possible combination of possible questions and answers. This is however completely obtuse. TO give an example, with only 7 total possible questions and answers, this would require creating 5040 different sections to the Pipedrive flow chart. With 10 possible responses, it would require over 3.5 million different sections to be manually created!

This ultimately makes the chatbot very limited in it's functionality and rather tedious for users. As the chatbot is a paid extra, not a complimentary feature of Pipedrive, this doesn't currently present particularly good value when compared to competitors.



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