Bug Report: Unicode Handling Error in Pipedrive Community

Ted Youn
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I've reported a unicode handling error in Pipedrive before, but we have a similar issue even in Community  Software.

Summary: Typing Korean letter doesn't work as expected in Community.

Steps to reproduce: 

  1. Write a simple text such as 'test: '. Note the space at the end.
  2. Make the word 'test:' bold while leaving the space ' ' behind the colon non-bold.
  3. Type a Korean letter '한글' or Spanish letter 'ññ' after the space.

What you expected to see: We expect to see the same letters as '한글' or 'ññ'.

What you saw instead: Due to a unicode handling error, we have broken texts such as 'ㅎㅏㄴ글'  or '~n'ñ.

Hope it helps.

Note to Pipedrive Developers:

  • This is a well-known issue about normalizing unicode letters.
  • This issue happens only on the first letter—We don't have any issue from the second letter.
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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi Ted, thank you for the example provided! I was able to replicate this and will be sure to have the Community developers look into the matter 🔎