Multiple workflow templates into 1 custom workflow.

Akash Jaladurgam
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Can we use 1 trigger & make automation something like....

Every time an activity(A) is marked as done, create a new activity(B), once that activity(B) is marked as done, create a new activity(C), once the previous activity(C) is marked as done, create another activity(D). I would like to create an automation something like this..

Rather than using more templates or many automations.

I'm trying to fit 3 automation templates into 1 custom workflow.

If that is possible then please send an example. That would be a great help.

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  • Amit Sarda (
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    That's not possible today.

  • Marcelo Silva
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    Create an automation to create a start activity

    Example: start


    This activity will have the description A


    Then create a new Updated Activity automation

    Example: Activity Description contains A and Activity Status changed to Completed


    Then create the Update Activity action and update Activity 1


    When updating, change the subject, type etc, but mainly, increment the Description condition to AB


    Then create a condition where Activity 1 contains Description AB


    Then just repeat the process, and incrementing the description of the new activity ABCD ABCD0 etc.

  • Inês Batata
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    Hi @Akash Jaladurgam , @Amit Sarda !

    This is something we have in our backlog plans but right now there's no calendarization for when it will happen. We do recognize it's a very desired option, though.

    At the moment I would recommend you follow @Marcelo Silva 's tip.  

    In the meantime, this is where we make all product update announcements, make sure to follow them:

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