One user multiple email addresses: best practice

Dr. Karsten Busch
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Hi Folks,

how are you handling the following circumstances? I am pretty sure that I am not alone with that.

I am a user that has several email addresses in a company. (please do not argue why it is.). Let's say I have
[email protected] and [email protected]

I understand that I have to buy a second license (please PD, change this. In for example a user can have up to 3 email addresses) but how can I "operate" both. What is your best practice on this? 

Thx for your support. 

Cheers, Karsten



  • Bethany Ann George
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    No one replied to this??? Has no one else had this issue? Odd.

    I have multiple emails. I linked my primary with PD. And I have the secondary email listed under the Smart BCC. Its not ideal. And I really wish PD would change this. Then the key is when emailing out of the secondary email you always add the BCC address that is given.