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Paul McClenaghan
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Hi there, 

I'm wondering if anyone has a rock-solid way of finding a specific Pipedrive activity from a Zap or if there might be a bug stopping me from doing it?

The problem: there are activities being created across multiple deals which usually all share the same subject but I need to be able to pinpoint and find just one and then update it based on info from a previous Zap step. 

Since the Zap app doesn't allow me to pass in the deal ID associated with the activity (which would be a really useful upgrade!), all I've got to work with is the subject field and a few others like status and user. 

So I thought of one workaround which was to inject the deal ID into the subject field when creating the activity, which worked. But crucially, when I come to search for the subject with that ID in it finds a match but with a different ID for another deal. It shouldn't be finding anything other than the activity with the exact subject (that I know definitely exists in deal 794... see below).

To illustrate what's happening you can see the data in/out in the Zap run and then the activity it fails to find within Pipedrive:


I've double-checked things like done status and user ID but they check out. The deal is not lost either. So I'm at a loss now as to how to get this working. 

Perhaps there are some quirks to how this Zap app works that someone else has noticed or you can spot something really obvious that I've missed. 

Any help would be much appreciated!