Possible design lacks in security and performances

This issue concern the 3 device logged-in limit lack of design. 

Seems that the process of IT development of that feature was based on business rules, but it's several years that business rules depends from IT rules, never the opposite.

Certainly everyone has experienced the 3 device logged-in limit. As today, it can occours hours after there's no more active session in any device. The active devices status is reachable only loggin in without any recovery procedure, but you can't log-in: https://pushthegreen.pipedrive.com/settings/personal/devices

So if Pipedrive count you as logged in you can't manage anything, you're out and the only option is to reach support, nowadays we all know how much IT systems are put to the test, it could require hours. 

My concerns are about these points:


  • Pipedrive is a IT  business service, money runs on it. This mean security compliance in design, development test and production. Here there's at least 2 major issues about this.
  • If someone use your account you have to wait support, there's no procedure to recover from this situation and this is simply a lack of design;
  • Beign forced to ask support can exhaust very fast performances standards;


I'm a Pipedrive enthusiast, I consider it the best CRM available for a various kind of users, hope this post will be considered useful.


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    Thank you for sharing your feedback @Giovanni Missiroli 

    First of all let me apologise for the situation you were put in. Hopefully by now you've either gone in an already logged in account and logged out of that or reached out to support to help you get back in. Nonetheless, we realize this change hasn't been flawless and therefore are currently also checking case by case to see if we can switch off this device limit. 

    Also, we definitely have plans to improve this experience for the user and avoid anyone being locked out. Thank you for sharing your feedback. Please do ask our support to take a look at your case to see if we can switch off the limit to your account and we'll be better, sorry!