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Good afternoon, 

Since two weeks we have been using the in-app caller in Pipedrive and personally I really like this function. The only thing I'm missing at the moment is that it is not there yet for leads. Is it already known when this will be possible?

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  • Camille Gindre
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    Our team has the same need!

    We started using the leads feature a month ago, and the fact that calls are not done nor logged in the lead page makes it really complicated to have the overview of past interactions with the leads.
    I receive a lead, need to open the person's page, then I call, take notes, go back to the lead page and schedule my next task there while the call with its notes are logged on the contact page. And next time I open my lead, I can see my email interactions with the lead, but might miss the calls as they are logged on the contact.

    If the Pipedrive team could give us some hope on that side, it would be nice 😅

     @Jalila Kabrane 

  • Mário Machado_36134
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    I have the same problem in the leads and caller, o need to fix it


  • Jorge Martínez Marbán
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    Me too I would really use this feature. It would be nice to have the official position on pipedrive about the caller inside leads


  • James Houghton
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    Just seems such an obvious request and I can't believe PD doesnt do this as we have a number in each lead!