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Hi, I'm using a Zapier to keep our organisation and person owners in sync.  A workflow from Pipedrive triggers an email to be sent to the Zapier Email Parser which in turn finds the person associated to that organisation and updates the owner.   The issue I have is when the organisation has more than one person associated to it, one updates but not the other. 

Does anyone know a way to update all of the persons associated with the organisation?




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    Hi Steve, 

    I don't see a way of doing that because an Organization can have several people associated. So, Zapier will not understand which one it has to update, I believe. 

    But I would be curious to know exactly what your workflow is. Do you think there is a possibility to do it inside Pipedrive? 

    Either way, I think the best would be for you to reach out to Pipedrive Support. Our team will be able to help you if there is a way to do it inside Pipedrive. It will be helpful for them if you can explain exactly what your workflow is from the beginning. Hopefully they will have a good suggestion for your case (this in case you haven't contacted them yet)