Insights: Creating a goal for fiscal year

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Now when you create a goal in PD, it uses only calendar year. So if your companies fiscal year is between the two, like most of the time it is- it divides the sales. So if our fiscal year is 1.5.2021-30.4.2022 it shows 0€ in goals when the year turns- even tough its the same goal.


Lets say i have a goal for 10 mil sales and the goal is set for 1.5.21-30.4.22, i want to see it on a one diagram not to be separated by calendar year.


How to go around that currently? You can create a deal performance report. Name the report as "Fiscal year 10 000 000€"


Status is won


Won time is custom period 1.5.2021-30.04.2022.

Shows you all the won deals during the time selected. Select measure by deal value. Now you have the €£$ visible.




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