On Deal List View We Need A Wrap Functionality for Data Field Titles

David Spear
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Titles sometimes are much longer than the data in those fields.  Just like Excel, you need to have a wrap function so it expands the width of the Title Row, so you can shrink the size of the columns on full page view without scrolling to the right to get all fields on the screen at once!



  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for leaving us your feedback! 

    This is indeed not possible at the moment in list view but I can completely see how in some cases it might prove very useful. I will send the feedback to our product team for review. This is done through an internal channel, so I can ensure you that your feedback is valued and taken into consideration.

    In the meanwhile, hovering your mouse over the deal name will show you the name in full.

    Hope this can help!

    Kind regards,