Email sync outlook problem

Magne Helander
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Any other have problems with email sync for outlook?

I have had the issue for a week now.

They fix it, and the issue come bak agein and agein?





  • Kreete K
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    Hi Magne! 

    I am sorry that you have been facing email sync issues. I understand that you have already been in contact with our Support team! In this case, as sync issues can happen due to different reasons, we always need to check it case by case and good if you can report to our Support team every time. I am sorry it has happened multiple times with you, but to identify root cause correctly, we always need to check account data also.

  • Mike Seely
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    This is a common and recurring problem. Obviously, it's a major flaw with their product design and they don't really have a solution other than keep contacting them, turn syncing off then on, etc. You'd think they'd actually try to fix it, but clearly they can't.