Mentions and Comments in leads

To be able to bring leads to the attention of the right person in our organization, we would like to have the possibility of Mentions and Comments in the note field of a 'lead'.  

Currently in pipedrive you can only Mentions and Comments in deals and company's.

Please make "" also available in leads. 

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  • Kristie Callahan
    Kristie Callahan Posts: 1
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    Hi there - is this functionality on the roadmap?  We are not able to use leads functionality in our organization because of this.  It works fine in deals so we are considering making a new deal stage for leads and tracking that way instead.  If anyone has an update on the @mentions in leads... please let me know!!

  • Jamie Ling
    Jamie Ling Posts: 1
    edited January 19 #3

    Is there any movement here? 

  • René Papesch_61095
    edited April 14 #4

    Is there a plan to add this functionality?

  • please add this function!