Improvements to the Maps feature!

We are loving the Maps feature within Pipedrive! It allows us to easily create visuals around the locations of our customers and makes us look good to our external stakeholders. We have a couple items of feedback:

  • The Maps functionality needs its own home page! Much like the other useful parts of Pipedrive that have their own left side tab, Maps should be more easily accessible! It could be a simple home page where you could search for an Org/Deal/Person and bring up a map of them, and a dropdown where you could search for Filters and pull up a Map of the filter.
  • When you are perusing a Map of nearby locations, and then click on an Org to go check it out, it would be great if there was  "back to Map" button that could take you back to the view you were just looking at on the map. 
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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hello @Josh Monifi  thank you for your feedback, I like those ideas too! I see you have used the topic Feedback & Suggestions , so your request has been automatically forwarded internally to our developers as a note for consideration 📝

  • Josh Monifi
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    One more recommendation! When viewing a map, each location has its own information bubble. It would be great if we could edit what is in that box and pull in one of our custom fields!