[Feature Request] Automation trigger for Smart Docs signing

The smart docs eSignatures are a great way to streamline clients' signing on proposals and quotes.

However currently we can't get a trigger from Pipedrive (either in Workflow automation or via API / Zapier / Integromat) when a document has been signed.

Having such an automation trigger will enable to kickstart onboarding workflows automatically once a contract has been signed by all parties inside Pipedrive.

Could anyone else make use of such an automation trigger?

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  • Amanda Witz
    Amanda Witz Posts: 7
    edited April 2022 #2

    This would be super helpful to move deals along to won deals.

  • Mathias Brask
    Mathias Brask Posts: 43
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    edited June 2022 #3

    Exactly David! The entire idea of Pipedrive is to "make sales smarter", and without triggers for signed documents, we are back to manual work, and data-checking compared to a workflow, that automatically notifies a team member or even starts an onboarding process. That could be "sending out an email" or "create new project".


  • Dino Valdez
    Dino Valdez Posts: 2
    edited July 2022 #4

    I also need...

    need to be able to move deals to a specific stage once contract signed.