Profile Picture linked from LinkedIn


It would be awesome if you link a customer profile from Pipedrive to their LinkedIn profile picture.  




  • Andreia Freixo
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    Hi Leandro!

    Thank you so much for reaching us with your feedback.

    One thing you can try is our Smart Contacts Data. If there's a public photo linked with the person's email, it will show up, as you can see in the video here.

    Another possible option, is using an integration that links Pipedrive and Linkedin. You can find more information and see the different options on our marketplace here

    In any case, I will send your suggestion to our product team as well so they can take it into consideration for any future improvements.

    To stay updated on new features, you can follow our What's Planned and What's New pages. :)

    Kind regards,

  • Thomas Møller Jensen
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    Have a look at LeadJet. LeadJet lets you easily create Pipedrive contacts/companies/Deals directly from LinkedIn profile pages, synchronizing both contact information, including picture and LinkedIn conversations.