Feature Request: Combining Filters

Laura Bouttell
Laura Bouttell Member Posts: 1

Would be great if we could create a filter that combined/excluded other filters. For instance if we wanted to build a customer list of clients who bought product A and B but not C. Given that we already have 3 filters for customers who bought A, B and C.

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  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Laura Bouttell , thank you for the feedback which I have forwarded to our product team internally! 

    While combining existing filters in the way you describe is not possible right now, you can also create a new filter for clients who bought product A and B for example.  You only need to create and save a filter once, and then you can pick it from your list of saved filters. So you can store many variations of filters, depending on the information you need to obtain.

  • Sascha Briest
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    Hi, what are your plans with nested filters?? Any roadmap? I want to use a multiple subset of OR filters. Let's say: 1st subset is containing countries, 2nd subset is containing a different parameter with OR condition. -> The overall filter would then be: subset 1 AND subset 2. (AND 3, 4, 5...)

    How do you solve this right now?