Different detail fields for different Pipelines

We are an installation company in solar panels, in addition to solar panels we sell charging stations, fuse boxes and many extra services. Now we would prefer to have different pipelines for these different services, each with its own detail fields. 

It would be a huge plus if pipedrive would make this possible. If we now want to process all this in pipedrive, our detail fields list becomes very long. This is cluttered and very inconvenient. 

Who also sees opportunities in this? please like this post.

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  • Markus Funk
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    Already requested with PD ...at least 100 times ;-) 

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Jesse Kamp , thank you for your feedback. Much like @Markus Funk  mentioned this is one of the most popular requests from our users, and our developers are aware of it!

    The team is already investigating how to make this work for a future update, but right now there is no estimate I can provide I'm afraid.  If you haven't done so yet,  be sure to follow the topic What’s New for new release announcements, and you will know as soon as it becomes available :)

  • Amit Sarda - Pipedrive Consultant - AmitSarda.xyz
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    Hi @Jesse Kamp - I am wondering why you can't use Important and Required Field settings to make this work for you. Since you're open to having multiple pipelines, it should be very easy to set up for your usecase, unless I am missing something extremely obvious. :)

  • Brad Cohen
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    Join the club of cluttered detail views! Pipedrive needs to make an effort to accommodate this request. Seems like basic CRM feature.