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Nick Loenen
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Dear Pipedrive users,

I'm using PD for some time now but I'm missing some critical features :-( 

  1.  When I make a note of some activities, I need to export them in order to send decent activity-/visit reports to my principals. With PD you can easily make a registration of all activities but the feature to make a summary in PDF, Mail, etc. is definitely missing. Anybody knows if this is available or will be in the near future?
  2.  Synchronize 2 e-mail addresses in 1 PD account. Is this possible, maybe with an other membership?
  3. Possibility to make visit reports and add them to an organization of contact person?
  4. Add some standard products WITH a gross/nett margin to get sight of your earnings throughout the year?

The above point are most important to me, hope you can help me out. Thank you!

Best regards,


Nick Loenen

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    1. You can print a pdf of the deal detail page. Or set up a doc template using Smart Docs or Pandadocs.
    2. You can't. You can explore 3rd party shared inbox apps like Helpwise but they still may not do what you're looking to do.
    3. Not sure I understand the question.
    4. I may be wrong but this isn't possible today.