Add "Accepted Scheduler Events" to Deals for Workflow Automation

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We would like to automate "accepted" scheduler events so they can be utilized by Workflow Automation.


Currently, when a scheduler invite is accepted, nothing is logged within the deal, so we are not able to utilize Workflow Automation to do anything specific to the deal...such as move to the next stage. 


Really weird you cannot  apply automation to your own scheduler.  Hope you can fix soon. 



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  • Edie Mew
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    Hi @Brad  may I ask which function of scheduler are you using? The feature where you select times for a customer to choose from or send a link and they book a slot with you? 

    I ask as once a customer books a slot with you, an activity is created with the type being the scheduler link. You could set up an automation where if an activity type is created then move the deal to next stage etc. I have attached screenshots to help explain.