Does PD count my clicks to open email?

Andrew Winter_53528
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I was wondering if Pipedrive counts me as an "open" in the counter when tracking email. It appears that the click count goes up by one when I open my own email to a prospect.


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  • Kreete K
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    Hi Andrew!

    In this case, it depends on where you open the email. If you open it up from the external mail provider, it does count as an opening. It is so because of how the email tracking works. It is done by adding a tracking pixel to each email where tracking has been enabled, which will register when an email has been opened by the recipient. The tracking pixel can become unintentionally triggered by the opening of the tracked email through the Sent folder of your email client. To avoid triggering a false open alert, we suggest staying within Pipedrive for the purposes of the sending and opening of your tracked emails.

    You can find more details about email tracking here.