Campaigns beta testers, welcome aboard 👐 We’re here for you!

Inês Batata
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Welcome aboard, Campaigns testers! Grab a seat next to our Product Managers @Janis Rozenblats and @Anton Rutkovskyi and make yourself at home. 

We’re here to:

1. Answer your questions about Campaigns. 

2. Make sure you rock your experience and use it to win some new deals! 

Ready? Let’s go!

🚀@David Maret @Klay Kachur @John Nesbit @Drew @Lisa Wallace @Vesa-Matti Vartiainen @Reinhard Puntigam @Keith Gereghty @Sean Brown @Sergio Andrada @Brad Buhl @Thomas Graham @bradey malloy @Hilary @Kyle Walker @Søren Pommer @Stefan Willms @Bseller - Admin @Rebecca Cassie @Roland Siebelink 🚀