Can Pipedrive push and pull inventory data from Odoo ERP

Troy Martin
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We are evaluating the CRM for outbound sales.  If an API exists for this, it would automate or quote and order process and eliminate double-entry errors.


  • Kreete K
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    Hi Troy!

    We do not have a direct integration with Odoo, but there seem to be a few options available that I could find. Just keep in mind, these are not built by us and you would need to check the exact functionality with them. A few options like: Odoo-Pipedrive Connector, via Zapier connection, another connector here, etc. Probably there are some other options available also that I have not found at the moment. But sure, these are good to look into.

    If needed, Pipedrive also has an open API that can be used for any custom integrations.