Please create "did not respond" option(s), when the prompt after a call appears

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Right now I'm struggling to create WA (workflow automations) to go around this issue.

About 70% of my leads doesn't pick up the phone when I call them. This results in having to create a new activity (Call) and schedule it for another day. This in it self takes a lot of time and I don't want to waste my time every day, calling all leads who seldom replies. 

When a lead doesn't pick up the phone 2-3 times, I need to have an automation that registers the activity from Call to Unable to reach (my self-invented activity type), and automatically schedule a new call few days later. This relates to our Sales cadence, which is currently under revision.

As you can see in the picture bellow, this quickly gets messy, especially since the self-made automations can't be categorized or sorted in any way.



Here is one of the automations:



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    Hey! I recently implemented a complex workflow, very similar to this, using I did this because Pipedrive automation simply could not handle the complexity and required me to create many automation workflows. Using n8n, I was able to combine everything under one workflow, with conditional branching.


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