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Ron Lev
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It would be great if there could be an automation that will advance a deal in the pipeline each time an email is sent from within the deal.

So for example:

After an initial email, I'd like to be able to send a follow-up email and have the deal advance to the '1st followup' stage. And then again, when sending another email from that deal, the deal will advance to the '2nd followup' funnel stage. etc.


  • Edie Mew
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    Hi Ron, while emails being sent is a tricky automation to build. You could use activities to achieve this. 

    For example: Deal is in the stage previous to 1st Follow Up. You wish to send an email (this will be done manually). When the Deal enters the previous stage, set up an automation for an activity to appear called "Send 1st Follow Up". Send the follow up email, then mark the activity as done. The completion of the activity will trigger the Deal to move forward in the Pipeline. This can be duplicated for the 2nd Follow Up process. 

  • Amit Sarda (
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    I think you can set up an automation for this, but I think the pipeline design could use some improvement in your setup. Having stages called 1st followup and 2nd followup is not recommended. :)