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Is there a way to adjust Pipeline dates?

I started to use Pipedrive couple of months ago and would like to add old leads to Pipedrive with actual start dates. Now the number of days from lead to deal is showing too few days.

I managed to adjust Deal generation date, but that does not affect to number of dates to get the deal.


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    Hi Juha, just tried to call you from +358400277049

    My first thoughts:

    If you are looking to get deal duration report to match, I think there is a problem since that report only shows the deals that have recorded some time in any pipeline stage. I was trying to look for a solution to show deals in no pipeline in that report, but didn't succeed. It's also not possible to override the deal duration with any external software or with the Pipedrive import tool.

    I will still try to think of a good solutions for this. So far the only thing I thought of was to just do the calculations from the old leads with excel and use that result as a benchmark to follow the duration with pure Pipedrive data.

    With Import tool you can set the deal start date, but it does only help with filters and to get a nice datatable from the deals list view.

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    I would like to know if there was a solution to this question, please. I feel the same struggle