Measure number of companies touched over a certain period.

Auðunn Sólberg
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It would be a great add-on to have the option to measure number og companies touched (activities) over a certain period. 

For example - im working with labels for new and existing customers and would like to create a report showing how many new customers my team talked to and how many of existing customers were contacted over in a day/week/month/year or a custom period. 

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  • Andreia Freixo
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    Thank you for your feedback. It's truly appreciated and it has been sent directly to our product team for review.

    As a workaround, there are a couple of things we can suggest. For example, you can create an activities performance report and segment by date+org, like here:

    (Alternatively, on this report, you can segment by org at the bottom and by activity type at the right if you would like a clearer view).

    When it comes to labels, it is indeed not possible to use them to segment an activity report, but you could create custom activities types and use a specific type of activity for new customers, for example. Then you would be able to segment this on the report.

    Hopefully, this helps! Please don't forget you can always contact our lovely support if you feel like you'd like to explore your options more in-depth.

    Have a lovely day!