pipedrive openapi file issues

John Carmichael
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One of the reasons we went for pipedrive was a well documented api via openapi

Using the api file we can generate the clients for node in typescript.. however there is 1 issue, as the file does not make use of the component definitions non of the non-java generators are able to generate well written types.

When the models are abstracted away into the components this all changes.

Is the dev team at pipedrive aware of this limiting factor?

In addition, there is an npm package for a pipedrive client but there are no types for typescript included which would have been the alternative.



This API is under active maintenance, and we are constantly adding new functionality to this version. Follow @PipedriveDev and check our Changelog for updates.


This would not be too much of an issue, but the 1st thing you read on the REST API docs is a big old warning saying the API could change...