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I don't know if the Pipedrive team has already put the Dark Mode feature on, it has been two years since this query has been raised, and I don't see any option on Pipedrive. Please add a night mode or dark mode option, it would be great especially for those who are sensitive to light."LIKE" πŸ‘ if you want the dark mode option as well...

But as for me, I have figured out how to turn my Pipedrive to night mode. See below pictures.




PS. If you want to know more about how to do this just message me <3Β 



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    How do you do this? I WANT IT

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    Cool! How have you done it? Are you using a 3rd party browser plugin?

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    Info said:

    How do you do this? I WANT IT

    Hi Info, (I hope you will reveal your name..lol) 😜😜

    1. Open your Chrome browser
    2. On the search box type this in - chrome://flags/
    3. On the Search Flags option, type in DARK MODE
    4. There will be two options shown; that is in the default menu. Click the arrow down and select the "ENABLE" option.
    5. Finally, Relaunch the browser and open your Pipedrive!
    6. BOOM!!! Your good to go!

    PS. This applies to all the sites that you will be visiting...


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    Hope all is good. Can you please tell me how you turned the dark mode on? Thanks.

    Kind regards,

  • YOU ARE A FU**ING LEGEND MY FRIEND!!! Thank you hahaha I can finally see again πŸ˜‚

  • Wow @Felmore Flores I am so thankful to you! I really appreciate this. I have been trying to figure it out for 2 years now haha. πŸ™

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    This is great!

    My eyeballs thank you very much

  • Many thanks, Felmore...! this is an interesting fix and I'm definitely using it for my Pipedrive (it's so bright..!)... and yet, it is not perfect and it affects all other web pages so I truly hope that the PipeDrive guys fix this ASAP....!! we need Pipedrive to have its own dark mode feature, to avoid affecting other sites... c'mon guys..! we've been requesting this like FOREVER...