We are experimenting with the new function leads here. Our first questions and wishes. Feel free to

Bert Calatz
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  • It is not possible to transfer an existing web form that is linked to a pipeline to leads.
  • We would be happy if you can also register the website of the organization.
  • Please have more choices in lead source. Now you have chat box and web forms but there are more choices imaginable.
  • I read this week that there is also a desire to restore pre-existing deals to leads. Although for now certainly easy but I think this will no longer be necessary soon. So for us this functionality is not necessary. I would think, just start with leads. That will resolve itself.
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  • Inês Batata
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    Thank you for your detailed feedback, @Bert Calatz ! We've made sure it reaches the team in charge of the feature.

    Keep you eyes peeled for more updates as we continue to work to make Leads Inbox better and better.

  • Bram Luyten
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    +1 on the suggestion to link up a pipedrive form to the creation of leads, instead of deals. A common problem we face is that many people enter our contact forms with no buying intent: SEO consultants, Students, .... It's manual overhead right now to delete these kinds of non-deals.

  • Chris Parker-Brads_1290
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    Agree completely on lead source would make management much easier. 

  • Josh Rugg
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    This is why I'm so curious why the design for Leads Inbox, as released, is a separate (and much limited) bucket. Seems to me ,this could still be engineered to run through the Contacts bucket. 

    The CSV upload, contact form, CRM integrations, or manually added lead, should go into contacts first by default. You collect all the information that we need to start tracking a lead in there. Also, this is the only place where bulk editing can occur anyway. Once the lead has been loaded into contacts, you can select the field of new leads in bulk, whether by assigning it a specific label -- or even better -- with a toggle or radio button that tells the system to put the leads in a new bucket. From there, the leads are delivered to the leads inbox for rep assignment and chasing. I suppose you could do this with deals too, if you wanted. Why the leads inbox is so limited, compared to contacts, is confusing to me.