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One thing I'd like to suggest is implementing desktop notifications from Pipedrive. (as far as I'm aware this can't be done but if anyone has a work around, that would be much appreciated) When one of my staff assigns an activity to me, unless I'm in the Pipedrive window, I won't see the notification so it would be great to have those notifications pop up on my desktop. 

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  • Markus Funk
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    Hi David, the workaround would be to set up an automation that notifies you via mail once somebody assigns you to a task. 

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    Hi David.

    I've recently synchronised PD with MS Teams to give me a (Teams) pop up notification when an activity is marked as done, and an email to say that somebody has set up a new person or organisation, so I can check its correct. My Teams requirements was very basic so didn't explore further but knowing the guys at PD you'll have many more options and workflows to achieve what you want.

    Have a good day