Allow use of variables in email template URLs

Sebastian Kerekes
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We are creating test/demo instances for our customers. Each instance has its unique URL.

Trying to create an email template that dynamically sets the prospect's URL, I tried to insert a link, but variables are not available in hyperlinks though.

Instead, I created a text like "https://<instance name>" - turns out that the email that is later sent splits up the link in two portions: one is "https://instance-name" the other is "".

It appears that the solutions would be to:

  1. provide the option to use variables in links
  2. change how URLs are generated from templates, so the effective URL in the example above would end up saying

From a product perspective, (1) seems like the more obvious approach, also, when implementing (1) it appears that (2) needs to be solved anyways (as URLs might contain variables then after all).

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