Why in the world doesn't Pipedrive support HTML email signatures?

It seems to me that just about every modern email tool that's used for business has the ability to create an HTML email signature.  As CEO, I'm trying to get my company's employees to adopt Pipedrive for their email communications with clients so that the message history is preserved within the deals we are chasing. 

However, the signatures we are able to create in Pipedrive just don't really cut it. 

Is anyone else kind of taken aback that this functionality doesn't exist?

What do you use for your email signature in PD? Any tips on driving adoption of the Pipedrive email function?

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  • Glenda Spyron
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    Hi Alexander,

    Thank you very much for your suggestion. It has been taken into account, but unfortunately we cannot deliver everything. Our resources have been accounted for short term, so we cannot promise it will happen very soon, but it is being considered for future development plan. Please, keep an eye on What's Planned to know what we're working on currently and what’s to come: https://community.pipedrive.com/feed/whats-planned

  • Garret Robinson
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    I'd be interested in outlook signatures in pipedrive.  I'm also going to post my own request for pipedrive email to better mimic or utilize outlook tools, appearance, and the focused and other boxes.  If pipedrive can do these two things then i can rely more heavily on pipedrive:

    flawlessly import outlook signatures

    utilize microsofts filtering system "focused" and "other"