Webhooks - different data types on json payload

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I'm building a service which receives webhooks from pipedrive for update events on deals.

The json payload that is sent to the registered webhook sometimes contains strings and sometimes integer fields for the company_id and deal_id fields.


Below is an extract where these fields are integers:

{  "v": 1,  "matches_filters": {    "current": []  },  "meta": {    "action": "updated",    "change_source": "api",    "company_id": 7823181,    "host": "damsak.pipedrive.com",    "id": 1175,    "is_bulk_update": false,....


and then another call on the same webhook where these fields are sent as Strings:

{  "v": 1,  "matches_filters": {    "current": []  },  "meta": {    "action": "updated",    "change_source": "api",    "company_id": 7823181,    "host": "",    "id": "1175",    "is_bulk_update": false,


Notice that the host is also different... this seems like a bug somewhere in pipedrive's webhook system?